Paraffin-embedded Tissue Sections

All slides must be labelled with 2 unique identifiers that are identical to the accompanying request form. Samples that do not meet this minimum requirement will NOT be processed.

Please note

If a patient's surname is used as one of the unique identifiers it MUST be written in full. It is not sufficient to just write the first 3 letters of the surname on the slide.

Specimen Requirements

FISH only

Eg. FISH request for HER2 status – send 2 unstained slides plus 1 H&E slide.
POC ploidy status – send 4 slides plus 1 H&E slide.

Molecular Oncology +/- FISH 

Transportation Temperature
Slides should be dispatched in such a way as to prevent breakage.

Turnaround Times (from receipt of sample)

FISH (Urgent) 24 hours 

FISH (Routine) 72 hours

Molecular Oncology (Urgent) 48 hours

The provision of an H&E slide with the area of interest marked, for FISH studies, will ensure that the same area reviewed by the pathologist is also analysed.

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