Bone Marrow Aspirate

All samples must be labelled with 2 unique identifiers identical to the accompanying request form. Samples that do not meet these minimum requirements will NOT be processed.

Specimen Collection
Specimen should be collected into a heparinised sterile container or sterile heparin vacutainer. Bone marrow smears slides can be submitted if testing required is limited to FISH.

Specimen Volume

Bone Marrow Aspirate >2 mL (preferably first pull)

Transportation Temperature
Specimens should be transported at ambient temperature and received within 48 hours of collection. If a delay in transit is anticipated samples may be stored at 4degC overnight.

Turnaround Times

G-banded metaphase analysis (Routine) 18 days
G-banded metaphase analysis (Urgent) 5 days
FISH (Routine) 3 days
FISH (Urgent) 24 hours

Please note

EDTA is NOT the preferred anti-coagulant and can impede cell culture due to its chelation of calcium. Samples received in EDTA can be processed for FISH (non-dividing cells) however it may compromise samples requiring G-banded metaphase analysis.



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