Chorionic Villi

All samples received must be labelled with 2 unique identifiers identical to the accompanying request form. Samples that do not meet this minimum requirement will NOT be processed.

Specimen Collection
Chorionic villi samples should be placed immediately into a sterile container containing either RPMI 1640 or MEM culture medium. Transport media can be provided (with collection tubes) by IGENZ if required.

Specimen Volume
A minimum of 20 mg of chorionic villus should be collected.

Transportation Temperature
Samples should be transported at ambient temperature and received by IGENZ the same day as collection.

Turnaround Times 

G-banded metaphase analysis 15 days
FISH (Routine) 3 days
FISH (Urgent) 24 hours


Please note

Transport media should be stored at 4degC for up to 3 weeks (or six months if frozen) before being discarded.


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