Peripheral Blood

All samples must be labelled with 2 unique identifiers identical to the accompanying request form. Samples that do not meet these minimum requirements will NOT be processed.

Specimen Collection
Specimens should be collected into a heparinised sterile container or sterile heparin vacutainer.

Specimen Volume

Transportation Temperature
Samples should be transported at ambient temperature and received within 48 hours of collection. If transit of samples is delayed, samples may be placed at 4degC overnight.

Delays in receipt of sample may compromise the ability to obtain a result.

Turnaround Times

G-banded metaphase analysis (Routine) 18 days
G-banded metaphase analysis (Urgent) 5 days
FISH (Routine) 3 days
FISH (Urgent) 24 hours
Please note

EDTA is NOT the preferred anti-coagulant and can impede cell culture due to its chelation of calcium. Samples received in EDTA can be processed for FISH (non-dividing cells) however it may compromise samples requiring G-banded metaphase anaysis.


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