Reasons for Testing
Prenatal testing can give you reassurance and a better understanding of your pregnancy.

Testing may be recommended for a number of reasons. These include advanced maternal age (those over the age of 35 are considered at an increased risk of chromosomal abnormality due to non-disjunction), anomalies detected on ultrasound or in the routine maternal blood screening test and for those who are known carriers of balanced chromosomal translocations.

For some women, the fear or anxiety that there is something wrong with their baby can be overwhelming. Prenatal testing can help alleviate these fears and enable the woman to continue her pregnancy without the fear that there is a chromosomal abnormality.

IGENZ offers two Prenatal Tests

Why have FISH & Cytogenetic Testing done together?
Both tests complement each other. FISH testing provides a quick screen for the most common chromosome numerical abnormalities. Cytogenetic testing detects structural and other numerical abnormalities that FISH cannot. Cytogenetic testing also confirms abnormalities detected by FISH.


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