Products of Conception

All samples received must be labelled with 2 unique identifiers that are identical to the accompanying request form. Samples that do not have this minimum requirement will NOT be processed.

Specimen Collection
Samples should be collected into a sterile container containing either RPMI1640 (or similar) culture medium or sterile saline.

IGENZ can provide containers with media and/or saline if required. These containers should be kept at 4degC for 3 weeks (or 6 months if frozen) before being discarded.

Specimen Volume

Transportation Temperature
Samples should be transported at ambient temperature and received the same day of collection.

Turnaround Times

G-banded metaphase analysis 28 days
FISH (Routine) 3 days
FISH (Urgent) 24 hours

Please ensure that local policy protocols are followed if the patient requests return of the specimen. The return of the specimen MUST be arranged by the referrer.


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