IGENZ – History

IGENZ was established in 2006, by two scientists and an accountant who saw the need and opportunities for private clinical testing. For one of these scientists this was also a deep personal mission, having lost his son to cancer, in the hope that he could make his own contribution to the fight against this deadly disease. With their passion and expertise, IGENZ became well known in the cancer genomics space.

Built on a solid scientific platform, IGENZ has attracted some of the top genetic experts in New Zealand to work in its purpose-built laboratory in Auckland, and has diversified into other areas of molecular pathology.

In 2016, IGENZ purchased DNA Diagnostics – a parentage and relationship testing company – and we remain New Zealand’s only locally-owned and operated parentage testing company. Parentage testing – visit DNA Diagnostics >

We collaborate widely with other organisations in New Zealand and overseas and are always looking to increase our testing repertoire.

IGENZ currently offers testing in many specialties including direct-to-consumer tests.