Colotect™ 1.0 Colon Cancer screening

This test is highly accurate and detects changes in the DNA of your colon which are linked with colorectal cancer. Importantly, it also detects pre-cancerous changes in your colon such as polyps which may develop into cancer over time.

Ordering this test is easy. Simply click on the link below, fill out a few details so that we can send you your kit and wait for it to arrive via overnight* courier. You will be sent a stool (poo) sampling kit complete with instructions on how to collect your sample. There is also a pre-paid envelope for you to drop at your nearest post office to return the very small sample back to us for testing.

*If ordered before 2pm.

Testing is batched and results are available within 2 weeks of receipt of samples in the laboratory.

It is NOT a replacement however for an informed discussion with a health professional if you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  • a change in your usual bowel habits that lasts for several weeks
  • blood in your bowel motion

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The total cost includes the test kits, analysis and postage within New Zealand.