Molecular Oncology Tests

The presence or absence of a specific gene mutation has been identified as a predictor of drug response. Testing for gene mutations prior to treatment ensures that the patient receives a drug that has the potential to work for them. 

The following molecular oncology panels using the Agena MassArray System are now available:

Cost for panels 1-3: $661.25 including GST

1. Melanoma Panel (BRAF, KIT, KRAS and NRAS

2. Colorectal Cancer Panel (KRAS, NRAS and BRAF)

3. Lung (NSCLC) Panel (BRAF, EGFR, KRAS)

Cost for panels 4-9 is available on request

4. GIST Panel*

5. Gynae Panel*

6. MLH1 methylation*

7. IDH1/2*

8. JAK2*

9. JAK2, MPL, MYD88 and CALR*

*Please email: to enquire about costs


This testing is generally performed on paraffin-embedded tissue. Testing may be available on other tissue types in specific circumstances. Please discuss your requirements directly with the laboratory.

Melanoma Panel

BRAF G466V, G469A, G469V, G469E, N581S, D594N, D594G, G593G, L597V, L597S, L597R, L597Q, V600M, V600K, V600R, V600E, V600G, V600D, V600V, K601E, V600_K601>E

KIT Y503_F504insAY, W557R, W557G, W557_K558del, V559A, V559D, V559G, V560D, L576P, K642E, V654A, T670I, D816H, D816Y, D816A, D816G, D816V, D820H, D820N, D820Y, D820A, D820G, D820V, D820E, N822H, N822Y, N822K, Y823D, A829P

KRAS K117N, G12D, G12V, G12A

NRAS G12C, G12R, G12S, G12D, G12A, G12V, G13R, G13C, G13S, G13D, G13A, G13V, Q61K, Q61E, Q61P, Q61R, Q61L, Q61H

Research genes:

GNA11 R183C, Q209L

GNAQ R183Q, Q209L, Q209P

HRAS Q61K, Q61L, Q61P

PTEN R130G, R130P, R130Q, R130L


RPS27 Chr1:153963239C>T 5'UTR

TERT C228T, C250T


BRAF G469E, D594G, V600E

KRAS A59S, A59T, A59E, A59G, Q61E, Q61K, Q61L, Q61P, Q61R, Q61H, G12C, G12R, G12S, K117R, K117N, G12A, G12D, G12V, G12G, G13C, G13R, G13S, G13A, G13D, G13V, G13G, A146P, A146T, A146G, A146V

NRAS A59T, A59G, Q61E, Q61K, Q61L, Q61P, Q61R, Q61H, K117E, G12C, G12R, G12S, K117R, K117N, G12A, G12D, G12V, G12G, G13C, G13R, G13S, G13A, G13D, G13V, A146P, A146S, A146T, A146G, A146V

Research genes:


PIK3CA E542K, E545K, H1047L, H1047R


EGFR E709K, E709A, E709G, E709V, G719C, G719S, G719A, G719D, S768I, S768N, S768T, T790M, C797S, L858R, L861Q, L861R

Exon 19 deletions E746_E749delELRE, E746_A750>IP, E746_A750delELREA, E746_T751>I, E746_S752>I, E746_T751>IP, E746_S752delELREATS, E746_T751delELREAT, E746K, E746Q, E746_T751>V, E746_S752>V, E746_T751>A/E746_S752>A, E746_T751>VAorVP/E746_P753>VS, L747_A750>P, L747_S752delLREATS/L747_S752>Q, L747_E749delLRE, L747_T751>P/L747_P753>Q, L747_T751delLREAT, L747_P753>S/L747_T751>S, E749K, K745_E749delKELRE, L747_A750>P, A750E, A750A, L747_T751>Q, T751I, E746_S752>D, S752F, S752S

Exon 20 insertions M766V, D770_N771insSVD, D770N, D770H, D770Y, V769_D770insASV, D770>GY, V769_D770insASV, D770A, D770G, D770_N771insG, H773_V774insNPH, H773_V774insH, V774M

BRAF G469A, G469V, D594G, V600E

KRAS Q61E, Q61K, Q61L, Q61P, Q61R, Q61H, G12C, G12R, G12S, G12A, G12D, G12V, G13C, G13D

Research genes:

ERBB2 A775_G776insYVMA, G776>VC, G776>LC


E542K, E545K, H1047L, H1047R

RET Testing is also available


C634R, C634W, C634Y, E632_L633del, M918T, A664D, A883F,
C634R, D631_L633>E, D631G, D898_E901del, E632_A640>VRP,
E768D, F612_C620del, F612_C620del

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