Geneticure® Hypertension Panel

Hypertension is the leading preventable cause of death in the Western world. Geneticure’s patented test uses a sample of your DNA to recommend the hypertension medication(s) that may give you the most significant drop in blood pressure. In doing so reducing your chance of stroke and/or heart attack.

Your body, and your DNA, is unique. Doctors don’t know if a blood pressure medication will work until you try it. If it doesn’t work, they might add or try another. This trial-and-error costs time and money. Some medications can even make your blood pressure go up!

Geneticure’s test looks at 17 genotypes and 11 genes to determine how your body responds to each medication. These specially selected genes are ones that impact your cardiac, vascular and renal function. Your personalised report helps your doctor prescribe the right medication from the start.

When you order this test, you will be sent a cheek swab sampling kit complete with instructions on how to collect your sample. There is also a pre-paid envelope for you to drop at your nearest post office to return the sample back to us for testing.

Testing is batched and results are available within 2 weeks of receipt of samples in the laboratory.